Welcome to TAIGA Siberian Breed Club


TAIGA Siberian Breed Club was founded in 1991 by Elizabeth Terrell of Starpoint Cattery as a way for the new owners and breeders of Siberians to keep in contact with one another. Membership has grown at a fast pace recently and includes breeding and non-breeding members in the United States as well as Canada, Japan, Australia, France and Russia.

The TAIGA Siberian Breed Club serves to protect and promote the breed. It is also a place for the exchange of ideas and information, as well as mentoring new breeders and show participants.

The members of TAIGA would like to invite you to learn about the wonderful Siberian cat breed imported from Leningrad, (now St. Petersburg), Russia in 1990. The first three Siberians imported by Elizabeth Terrell arrived in the United States in June of 1990. Kaliostro Vasenjkovich ( male) , Ofelia Romanova ( female ) , and Naina Romanova ( female) began the Starpoint breeding program. The first colorpoint Siberians were imported to the United States in 1997 by Dana Osburn of Willowbrook Siberian in California.

  Today, the Siberian Cat has earned its place in the Cat Fancy. Siberians may be shown in Championship Class in  AACE ( no colorpoints), ACFA, CFA, CCA-AFC, CCC, CFF, TICA has recognized the Siberian for Championship statues.